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Exterior Care

All the Truck Detailing Products You Need

Trucks are an essential aspect of logistics throughout Australia. You should invest in truck detailing products to create the best impression possible. As a result, your trucks appear inviting and portray your business in a suitable light. Just as you would take care of equipment or tools to do a job, you need to pay attention to the external aspects of a truck.

Truckin In Style understands this dilemma, so we have everything you need to keep your truck in peak condition.

  • $28.99 inc GST
    The Rapid Detailer – The Ultimate Exterior Restorer for Shine and Protectant
    Trucks shine longer with ‘The Rapid Detailer’, a unique formulation developed to enhance the gloss and sheen of your ...
  • $25.99 inc GST
    The Rapid Detailer – “Refill” – The Ultimate Exterior Restorer for Shine and Protectant
    Shine on for longer with ‘The Rapid Detailer’ refill. A unique formulation, ‘The Rapid Detailer’ delivers a lasting and ...
  • $36.90 inc GST
    The Ultimate Plush Cloth – 2 Pack – Truck Premium Ultra Soft Microfibre for the Exterior
    As seen in the USA. For a supreme result you will need "The Ultimate" plush cloth, a premium microfibre. ...
  • $67.50 inc GST
    The Dryer – 2 Pack – The Ultimate Super Drying Exterior Towel
    AA - grade Where did all the water go? That’s what you’ll be asking with ‘The Dryer’. This super absorbent ...
  • $133.40 inc GST
    The Outsider Bundle – Premium Exterior Truck Cleaning Bundle
    A professional starter kit to keep your paintwork perfect; the Outsider bundle includes our signature exterior blend, The Rapid ...

Explore Our Truck Detailing Supplies

We completely understand the trucking industry in our country and the fact that these vehicles are your home away from home. As a result, we’ve developed a suite of truck care products with the size and specs of trucks in mind.

The Rapid Detailer

It has a unique formulation to enhance the gloss and sheen of the paintwork. It will also remove stray water drops from the truck’s body. Using this detailer allows the truck to stay cleaner for longer. The chemicals in the detailer are pH neutral, which means they won’t cause any deterioration to the paintwork. Furthermore, the intense formula dissolves leftover grime and dirt quickly.

The Ultimate Plush Cloth

Truckin In Style chose The Ultimate Plush Cloth for a reason: In USA it is known as the most superior buffing towel in the automotive industry. No detailing kit is complete without our polishing cloth, and this one will have your truck looking good as new. It is a perfect partner with The Rapid Detailer for all types of paint. Use it as the final finish as it is edgeless with NO tags therefore NO marring, NO scratches.

The Dryer Towel

Our Truckin In Style ‘The Dryer’ is made from the highest grade microfibre and is super absorbent. When you need to eliminate your water streaks from your stainless steel and mirrors only the best will do. The Dryer towel is lint-free and can hold ten times its weight. Consequently, it soaks up water with speed and efficiency. The final touch is the soft suede edging which completes the luxurious quality.

Start Truckin In Style

Maintain the top condition of your truck with the products in our online store. Apart from detailing items, we have other products for the interior, The Glass with The Shining microfibre and a The Neutraliser for a deep clean. Purchase the goods you require, and we’ll deliver them straight to you.