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Truck Cleaning Products Catering to You – The Aussie Driver

Developed for an economical yet thorough clean, we’ve designed our range of truck cleaning products for the modern Aussie trucker. Our carefully formulated, professionally graded truck cleaning products are gentle on interior and exterior surfaces while effectively removing dirt and topical build-up that have been present for a long period of time.

Speciality “Truckin” Products

Our products are made specifically for the Australian trucking community. We’ve spoken to thousands of drivers and drawn upon the knowledge of leading chemists and blenders with decades of automotive industry experience. The end result is products built with one outcome in mind, longevity and performance which far exceeds standard car cleaning solutions.

The Neutraliser

Stop odours in their tracks with ‘The Neutraliser’. Working deep down at a molecular level, ‘The Neutraliser’ not only eliminates unpleasant smells but disinfects your cab destroying 99.9% of germs.

Truckin The Neutraliser – concentrated formula

  • Odour neutraliser with a hint of a baby powder – fresh fragrance.
  • Contains multiple anti-bacterial and anti-microbial elements that eliminates the source of the odours at a molecule level.
  • Slows down and stops the microbial growth of mould.
  • Does not have an artificial smell that can over power and smell sickly.
  • Does not leave an oily or greasy residue behind and is perfectly safe on carpets, floor mats, fabric upholstery

The Interior

Nothing rejuvenates like ‘The Interior’. Keep the inside of your truck looking as good as its first day on the road with our advanced formula designed to protect surfaces against UV light, bacteria, dust, and abrasion.  Easy to apply with its top of the range Canyon Trigger, ‘The Interior’ works on a multitude of surfaces including rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastic.


  • Enhances colour and rejuvenates the appearance
  • Protects and shines
  • Use on rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic
  • Protects against discolouration and cracking.
  • Economical
  • Easily applied with our top of the range Canyon Trigger.

The Glass

From sunset to sunrise, every trucker needs a clear line of sight. Introducing, ‘The Glass’, our concentrated high-performance cleaner for windscreens and mirrors.  Eliminate grime, dirt, smears, and fingerprints and enjoy streak-free clarity with our quick drying intense solution.

Truckin The Glass is a concentrated glass cleaner that contains evaporative chemicals to enable quick drying and to eliminate streaking

  • Incredible cutting components to rid the grime and dirt from inside your truck’s windscreen and mirrors
  • The build up of smears, fingerprints and general muck will disappear with this intense solution.
  • Will not damage tinted windows, rubber or plastic. Highly concentrated, high performance solution.

    The Rapid Detailer

    Trucks shine longer with ‘The Rapid Detailer’, a unique formulation developed to enhance the gloss and sheen of your paintwork. ‘The Rapid Detailer’ removes stray droplets with polymer additives, leaving the surface of your truck protected with a lasting, more vibrant finish.

    The Polymer additives enables water beading properties on the truck surface and as a result more shine and protection to your truck. It allows you truck to stay cleaner for longer

    • Performance – This unique formulation has been designed to delivery a premium quality result, tried and tested.
    • pH neutral
    • This intense formula is designed to dissolve any left over grime quickly.

    The Fragrance

    Your truck is your home away from home and that’s why we created ‘The Fragrance’. Think of it as Eau de Cologne for your vehicle; keeping your workplace fresh and clean every day. Our active ingredients produce a concentrated and welcoming fragrance you’ll love and enjoy.

    TIP: ‘The Fragrance’ works best in a cool environment. Keeping your cab cool and your ‘The Fragrance’ products out of the heat adds additional days of lasting fresh performance.

    Truckin The Fragrance

    • Fresh and clean best describes this amazing collection of scents.
    • More active ingredients equals a more concentrated fragrance.
    • A lingering scent that you will actually love. Enjoy!

    Speciality “Truckin” Microfibres

    When it comes to caring for your truck, only the best will do. Two times thinner than silk, three times thinner than wool, eight times thinner than cotton and 100 times thinner than hair, our Truckin in Style premium microfibers are the best fabric solution for protecting, polishing, and preserving your truck inside and out.

    Note: All microfibres have the ability to undergo many washes, providing the cloth has not been mistreated. Wash with other microfibres in gentle detergent and sun dry. If using a dryer, please dry in low heat.

    The Exfoliator

    Your leather interior will bounce back to its best with ‘The Exfoliator’. Just add warm water and watch this distinctive cloth work its magic as it cuts through the grime, attacks smells, and removes build-up. ‘The Exfoliator’ works tirelessly to absorb the embedded filth left behind from an intense trucking workload.

    Made specially for Truckin In Style

    NO OTHER PRODUCT NEEDED – “Just add warm water”

    • Premium South Korean microfibre. “The Exfoliator” penetrates through the grime and smells which are captured within your leather interior.
    • “The Exfoliator” cleans the buildup and overuse of topical products
    • The texture (after a warm wash) is soft, yet structured to also absorb the embedded filth and dirt left behind from an intense workload.

    The Buff

    Bring new life to your cab’s leather and vinyl with ‘The Buff’, our premium quality microfibre weave sponge. Made to fit in your hand, this low absorbency soft sponge works overtime on your truck’s interior, delivering a high performance clean and satisfactory finish every time.

    Truckin “The Buff” – 20mm x 90mm 150mm

    Premium quality microfibre weave sponge (especially made for Truckin In Style) effectively rejuvenates leather and vinyl.

    • Soft and low absorbency sponge that goes a long way over you interior.
    • It is manufactured with focus on performance and results.
    • Purposely made to fit in your hand, gives you the cleaning control of all areas in your Truck.
    The Shining

    The Shining

    The name certainly says it all with our top grade microfibre cloth for windows and windscreens. Lint free and non-abrasive, ‘The Shining‘ gets the job done without doing damage. Strongly woven, highly absorbent, and quick to dry, ‘The Shining’ is the perfect solution for all your glass surfaces.

    Truckin The Shining

    • Made from highly absorbent woven microfibre
    • Lint free – non abrasive top grade glass, window and windscreen microfibre.
    • Quick drying
    • Strong weave construction
    The Shining

    The Ultimate Plush Cloth

    Our premium polishing cloth will have your truck looking like it has just rolled off the production line. Applicable to all paint types, the hand-sewn and edge-free fabric won’t scratch or mark your truck surfaces. ‘The Ultimate Plush Cloth’ is the ultimate protective buffer for your vehicle.

    As seen in the USA. For a supreme result you will need “The Ultimate” plush cloth, a premium microfibre. It is used globally in the automotive industry. It is the perfect buffer and polishing cloth.

    • Premium South Korean Microfibre Plush blend 70/30
    • No tags, no scratches
    • Edgeless – US Cut – hand sewn versus a laser finish, (a laser finish equals a slight burn finish)
    • Edgeless means no scratching or marring
    • Can be used on all paints
      The Shining

      The Dryer

      Where did all the water go? That’s what you’ll be asking with ‘The Dryer’. This super absorbent lint-free towel holds ten times its own weight, soaking up surface water with lightning-fast speed and efficiency. ‘The Dryer’ has super soft suede edging and is made from the highest quality AA-grad 70/30 blend Korean microfibres.

      “The Dryer” a super absorbent, lint free towel that will make any truck driver happy.

      • HOLDS 10 times the weight of the towel in water.
      • Made with the Highest Quality AA-Grade 70/30 Blend Korean Microfibres
      • Two x Layer 850gsm
      • Super Soft suede edge
      • Quickly draws water away from the surface and traps in the fibres
      The Shining

      Truck Wash Bags

      Our water-resistant ‘Truck Wash Bags’ help retain the life in your microfibres by keeping the clean cloths away from the dirty ones. Use the wash bag for fresh cloths and the black wash bag for those ready to be washed. It’s that simple!

      • Water resistant bags to keep the clean microfibres away from the filthy ones. Rather simple really.
      • Our quality lint free SUPREME microfibre range needs to be cared for in their own home.
      • Our Black – in colour water resistant bag is for the dirty microfibres – Gold for the clean ones.

        An All-Round Clean

        Our Truck Cleaning Products for Interior cleaning.

        We know that many truck drivers spend the majority of their time in the cab, which is the motive for our interior cleaning range. Maintaining a clean windshield is vital. The Glass truck cleaner removes smears for a streak free clear view. It also is an incredible formula for your truck’s exterior as you can use it on your stainless steel to bring out the shine. The Interior truck cleaning solution acts as a protectant from UV while bringing out an in-depth conditioned finish. Conclude your interior clean by adding a Death SCENTance air freshener, lasting up to thirty days.


        Our Truck Cleaning Products for Exterior cleaning.

        A clean exterior keeps up your reputation and could also increase your aerodynamics. Let us assist you with our exterior truck cleaning products. The Outsider Bundle contains everything you need to keep your rig pristine. The Rapid Detailer paired with The Ultimate Plush enhances and protects the paintwork for ultimate longevity.


        The must have partners for our Truck Cleaning Products.

        Accessories. We’ve designed a range of microfibres that catering to your vehicle’s internal and exterior surfaces. Our range are of premium quality. Spruce up your leather interior with ‘The Exfoliator’ that works alone to remove dirt and grime. Our microfibre weave sponge, known as ‘’The Buff’ rejuvenates leather and vinyl with its convenient hand-held design. Pair our concentrated ‘The Glass’ cleaning liquid with ‘The Shining’ microfibre cloth for streak-free windows and mirrors. An edgeless design of ‘The Plush Cloth’ with ‘The Rapid Detailer’ provides a high-shine polish while ‘The Dryer’ provides a lint-free dry for your truck cab.


        You Spoke, And We Listened

        What better way to understand a trucker’s requirements than to speak to you directly? We’ve curated our range around your needs to bring you a selection of convenient, and high-quality truck and car cleaning products while on lengthy hauls.

        Truckin In Style – Canyon Trigger

        Canyon is a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality trigger sprayers.

        These chemical resistant triggers are ideally suited for use with our Truckin In Style speciality products.

        Longer lasting than many cheaper spray heads on the market, the closable twist nozzle system provides variable output from mist spray to jet stream.

        Note:   To prolong the life of your Canyon trigger we advise emptying the trigger after each use.  This can be achieved simply by removing the spray head and spraying the residual trigger contents back into the bottle.

        Refills for all 500ml Truckin in Style “speciality products”

        Truckin in Style is pleased to offer speciality PET 500ml refill bottles across our product range.

        Our lightweight PET bottles are fully recyclable and produce less post-consumer solid waste than polylactide (PLA) bioplastics. With a positive eco-profile, PET bottles  generate lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions by requiring less energy to produce and transport.

        Truckin in Style refills are a great outcome for the environment, as well as your hip pocket!