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Interior Care

Australian Truck Drivers Depend on Our Truck Interior Cleaning Products

Australian truck drivers want rugged, superior and professional grade truck interior cleaning products. You’ll want to have the feel and smell of home while on the road. Learn why our products provide the best results for every surface of your cab.

  • $27.99 inc GST
    The Interior – Interior Truck Cleaner and Protectant
    Nothing rejuvenates like ‘The Interior’. Keep the inside of your truck looking as good as its first day on ...
  • $24.99 inc GST
    The Interior – “Refill” – Interior Truck Cleaner and Protectant
    Top up on your favourite rejuvenating solution for rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastic. ‘The Interior’ provides lasting protection against ...
  • $9.50 inc GST
    The Buff – Applicator Sponge – Microfibre for the Interior
    Bring new life to your cab’s leather and vinyl with ‘The Buff’, our premium quality microfibre weave sponge. Made ...
  • $15.99 inc GST
    The Exfoliator – Textured Microfibre and Sponge for the Interior
    Your leather interior will bounce back to its best with ‘The Exfoliator’. Just add warm water and watch this ...
  • $21.99 inc GST
    The Glass – Streak Free Glass and Stainless Steel Truck Cleaner
    Truckin The Glass is a concentrated glass cleaner that contains evaporative chemicals to enable quick drying and to eliminate ...
  • $18.99 inc GST
    The Glass – “Refill” – Streak Free Glass and Stainless Steel Truck Cleaner
    Retain driving clarity with ‘The Glass’ refill. Our concentrated windscreen and mirror cleaner delivers a clear line of sight ...
  • $12.40 inc GST
    The Shining – 2 Pack – Streak Free Microfibre for Glass and Stainless Steel
    The name certainly says it all with our top grade microfibre cloth for windows and windscreens. Lint free and ...
  • $22.45 inc GST
    The Neutraliser – Odour Killer – Disinfectant Truck Cleaner
    Stop odours in their tracks with ‘The Neutraliser’. Working deep down at a molecular level, ‘The Neutraliser’ not only ...
  • $19.45 inc GST
    The Neutraliser – “Refill” – Odour Killer – Disinfectant Truck Cleaner
    Keep up the fight against unpleasant odours with ‘the Neutraliser’ refill. Working deep down, ‘The Neutraliser’ actively disinfects your ...
  • $13.50 inc GST
    The Fragrance – Truck Car Fragrance Air Freshener
    Your truck is your home away from home and that’s why we created ‘The Fragrance’. Think of it as ...
  • $35.70$42.70 inc GST
    Death SCENTance – Truck Car Concentrated Fragrance Air Freshener
    The Death SCENTance Truck Fragrance The most potent, top quality and long lasting truck fragrance in the market. In partnership with ...
  • $51.95 inc GST
    The Insider Bundle – Premium Interior Truck Cleaning Bundle
    These professional grade products work together to keep your truck looking and smelling fresh all year long. The Insider ...
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    $126.66 inc GST
    The Interior Starter Bundle – The Ultimate Interior Cleaning Bundle
    Are you new to Truckin in Style? Our Interior Starter Bundle delivers everything you need to start giving the inside ...

Why Our Professional Grade Interior Car Cleaning Products Meet Your Needs

You spend days and weeks out on the road, and the last thing you want is a smelly, stale environment in which to work. Discover our various truck cleaning products that keep your cab clean and smelling good.

  • Wonder why so many truckers have smiles on their faces. It’s because they are using our Premium Truck Interior Cleaning Bundle. With The Exfoliator, our textured microfibre and sponge, your leather interior will look as good as new. It cuts through grime, removes topical build-up, and attacks the smell. The Neutraliser kills odours and 99.9% disinfects as it works deep into the molecular level. The Fragrance is like an Eau-de-Cologne for your truck and keeps your vehicle fresh no matter how many miles you spend on the road.
  • When you use The Interior, our interior truck cleaner and protectant, you’ll keep the inside of your truck looking as good as when you first purchased it. It protects the surfaces against UV light, bacteria, dust, and abrasion. The easy-to-use Canyon trigger works on all surfaces, including rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastic. Purchase The Buff sponges with The Interior; you have the perfect match of advanced ingredients and premium quality microfibres.
  • When the dust and grime from the road cloud your view, reach for The Glass, our concentrated high-performance cleaner for windscreens and mirrors. The intense solution eliminates grime, dirt, smears, and fingerprints for streak-free clarity. Add The Shining, our non-abrasive, quick-drying waffle microfibre bundled together for a package that keeps your glass crystal clear.


Truckin In Style Offers You a Superior Truck Interior Cleaning Kit

We are as passionate about the truckin’ industry as you are and proud to be local. We stand tall when we offer you our Australian made professional-grade products. If this is your first time with us or you are just hitting the road, look to our Interior Starter Bundle, which includes all the products mentioned above so that your cab will stay clean, fresh, disinfected, and gleaming. Everyone will know why you drive with a smile.