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About Us

We are relatively new to the hard working, time deprived, family orientated truck driving community. This does not mean we are inattentive to what we feel is wanted as we have spoken to thousands of passionate truck drivers. These days, time on the road is your focus, meaning less time with family and friends.

Here for the real truckers

At Truckin in Style we’re here for the real truckers, the ones who spend all day every day in and out of their trucks.

We’ve lived and breathed the Australian trucking industry for years, which means we’ve spoken with thousands of drivers.

We understand a truck is more than just a piece of machinery; it’s your home away from home and that’s why you deserve the best.

Our products are built to last, built for you and here to make your life on the road easier.

Professional grade products

Our suite of cutting-edge premium products has been developed with the size and specifications of trucks in mind.

Drawing upon years of automotive industry experience, we utilised the knowledge of highly experienced blenders and chemists to ensure each original formula product will go the distance for your vehicle.

Providing lasting quality and value to Australian truckers is at the heart of what we do and that’s what you’ll find concentrated in every one of our recyclable PET bottles.

The great news is each professional grade, original formula product we produce can be bundled with one of microfibres. Our Truckinfibres – Microfibres have been made for us or hand-picked by our team to complement each Truckin In Style product.

Proud to be local

Truckin In Style is a 100% Australian-owned business.

On top of that all of our products have been developed and manufactured right here, putting money back into the economy and supporting Australian jobs.

Put simply, we’re proud to be an Australian business providing Australian made products for the Australian trucking community.

You don’t get more local than that!

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