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Clean Without Scratch Risks Using a Microfibre Cloth for Your Car

Remove the risk of scratches when you clean with our microfibre cloth for your car. We stock a range of options, from a pack of two to bundles of premium microfibres for different purposes which will depend on your cleaning needs. Choose Truckin In Style and have the right tools to clean your vehicle.

  • $9.50 inc GST
    The Buff – Applicator Sponge – Microfibre for the Interior
    Bring new life to your cab’s leather and vinyl with ‘The Buff’, our premium quality microfibre weave sponge. Made ...
  • $15.99 inc GST
    The Exfoliator – Textured Microfibre and Sponge for the Interior
    Your leather interior will bounce back to its best with ‘The Exfoliator’. Just add warm water and watch this ...
  • $12.40 inc GST
    The Shining – 2 Pack – Streak Free Microfibre for Glass and Stainless Steel
    The name certainly says it all with our top grade microfibre cloth for windows and windscreens. Lint free and ...
  • $36.90 inc GST
    The Ultimate Plush Cloth – 2 Pack – Truck Premium Ultra Soft Microfibre for the Exterior
    As seen in the USA. For a supreme result you will need "The Ultimate" plush cloth, a premium microfibre. ...
  • $67.50 inc GST
    The Dryer – 2 Pack – The Ultimate Super Drying Exterior Towel
    AA - grade Where did all the water go? That’s what you’ll be asking with ‘The Dryer’. This super absorbent ...
  • $20.80 inc GST
    Truckin Microfibre Bags – Truck Water Resistant Laundry Bags
    Our water-resistant "Truck Wash Bags" to help retain the life of your premium microfibres by keeping the clean away ...
  • Sale!
    $126.66 inc GST
    The Interior Starter Bundle – The Ultimate Interior Cleaning Bundle
    Are you new to Truckin in Style? Our Interior Starter Bundle delivers everything you need to start giving the inside ...

Microfibre Car Towel Options We Can Provide

Here is a quick rundown of the microfibre cloth products we stock:

  • The Rapid Detailer. Made for exterior use as a shiner and protector, this kit includes an Ultimate Plush Cloth bundle – a premium ultra-soft microfibre towel designed for use on vehicle exteriors – and a Rapid Detailer spray applicator.
  • The Glass. This kit is ideal if you want to clean your vehicle’s glass, mirrors or stainless steel surfaces. The Glass includes our Shining Bundle, highly absorbent woven microfibre cloths alongside incredible cutting components and a Canyon spray applicator to help clean grime and dirt.
  • The Interior. Our interior kit provides you with a Canyon spray applicator that enhances colour and rejuvenates appearance, protects, and works on rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastics. You’ll also get a premium quality microfibre weave sponge The Buff to help you clean every nook and cranny on the dashboard and to condition your leather in your cab.
  • The Full Interior Starter Bundle. This kit includes 2x The Buff Sponges, 2x The Shining Cloths, 1x The Exfoliator Cloth, The Interior, The Neutraliser, The Glass, and The Fragrance spray applicators for a comprehensive interior cleaning product.
  • Microfibre Bags known or Individual Items. We also stock all the above mentioned components of the kits as individual items. To help you keep everything together, why not consider a water-resistant laundry bag for your cloths?


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