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The Rapid Detailer

Trucks shine longer with ‘The Rapid Detailer’, a unique formulation developed to enhance the gloss and sheen of your paintwork. ‘The Rapid Detailer’ removes stray droplets with polymer additives, leaving the surface of your truck protected with a lasting, more vibrant finish.


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Truckin The Rapid Detailer removes stray water drops and our formula increases the slickness and gloss to the paint.

The Polymer additives enables water beading properties on the truck surface and as a result more shine and protection to your truck. It allows you truck to stay cleaner for longer

  • Performance – This unique formulation has been designed to delivery a premium quality result, tried and tested.
  • pH neutral
  • This intense formula is designed to dissolve any left over grime quickly.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 20 cm



Black Ice

Package Size


Spray Head

Canyon Trigger Included


Polymer additives enables LASTING shine and PROTECTION.

Truckin The Rapid Detailer

Make sure your truck is not in direct sunlight and is cool to touch

  • Shake bottle.
  • Start cleaning from top of the truck down.
  • With our top of the range “Canyon” Trigger turn the nozzle on to “Spray”
  • Spray your truck
  • Simply massage The Ultimate in a circular motion and for best results turn the cloth frequently as residue may build. Switch to a new clean The Ultimate to ensure a perfect finish

NOTE: In order to avoid scratches, do not spray our Truckin The Rapid Detailer on your truck if dirty (covered with grit, salt etc



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Canyon Trigger

While these spray heads are high quality and more than suitable for the use with Truckin In Style speciality products, it is strongly advisable to empty the trigger after each use to prolong their life.

  • Simply remove the spray head and spray the residual trigger contents back into the bottle.
  • If you like, pop the trigger into some clean water and spray into the air to fully clean the trigger
  • It is now ready to use!