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A microfibre might sound like a fancy name for a cleaning cloth. But did you know there’s actually a huge difference between ordinary cotton and microfibers? Made up of fibres one hundred times thinner than human hair, microfibres are incredibly resourceful, last longer than alternatives, and do a vastly superior cleaning job.

So, when it comes to keeping your rig in showroom-ready condition, here’s why you should switch to microfibres.

Better results
Think of a microfibre like a quality tire. Superior grip comes down to the amount of rubber on the road. It’s the same with microfibres; their tiny dense materials cover a vastly greater area than ordinary cleaning cloths. And greater surface area translates into more places for dirt to cling to. So, whenever you clean your truck with a microfibre, you’ll remove a massive amount of extra dirt from the vehicle.

We all know that water is a precious resource, particularly when you’re on a long road trip. The good news is microfibres actually use less water to clean than cotton cloths. On the flip side, many microfibres do an amazing job dealing with excess water, with some able to soak up an incredible ten times their own weight.

Constantly having to throw out new cloths is both wasteful and expensive. Microfibres go the distance lasting thousands of washes without losing performance. One reason is that microfibres dry fast, meaning bacteria have less chance to grow in and destroy the material.

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