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When faced with how to clean the inside of a truck, it may seem a daunting task. However, it can be carried out effectively and efficiently using professional-grade products from a leading company. Be sure to choose cleaning products that cater specifically to the specification and sizes of trucks, which is a much bigger cleaning job than normal.

If you do not know where to start,

  1. The first step is to remove all the rubbish from the inside, from papers to wrappers and empty cans, and place them in a garbage bag.
  2. The next step is thoroughly vacuuming the seats, floors and other interior surfaces. Be sure to reach under the seats and any hard-to-reach places where dirt and debris might become trapped
  3. Now you are ready to give the upholstery a good cleaning with The Buff and The Interior on your door leather panels. The Exfoliator to the seats and any other areas of leather/fabric. Adhere to the instructions on the cleaner for best results.
  4. Continue to use The Buff and The Interior to clean all hard surfaces, from the console to the dashboard. Pay attention to the instrumentation and clean all knobs, levers and buttons.
  5. Take The Shining, a woven cloth to help The Glass have a streak free result to all windows and mirrors. Avoid streak marks by starting at the top. Once your interior cleaning regimen is done, apply the final touch in the form of The Fragrance air freshener or our Death SCENTance diffuser leaving your truck looking and smelling fresh.

HINT:  For embedded stubborn smells use The Neutraliser after Step 2 to kill the odour and 99.9% disinfect the problem area. Wait at least 24 hours before you apply our concentrated scents as The Neutraliser will eliminate the fragrance of the air fresheners.

Rig Photo of a red Truck on the Road in Australia

How To Clean a Truck – The Truckin In Style Way

If you are unsure what products to use, contact and research a company familiar with the trucking industry such as Truckin In Style. Companies that are experienced in formulating specific products to make your life on the road much more pleasant. Cleaning products that have been researched and tested by the best automotive chemists in Australia.  Although, we at Truckin In Style have tested all of our cleaning products on many truck surfaces, it is best as a rule of thumb, always test a cleaning product on a small, less noticeable area to see if your surface has a reaction to our products.

An essential truck cleaning product is a cleaner that specifically manufactured for a purpose.  Interior surfaces such as the dashboard needs a protectant with an in depth cleaning finish. The Interior does this with ease. Choose a cleaner and a microfibre such as The Buff for your interior application, as it is proven to be less harsh on your cabs interior. Next is a good quality glass cleaner. The Glass and The Shining will not mark your mirrors and windows or leave a residue. It is a streak free formula. If your truck sports leather seats, spruce them up with The Exfoliator to rid of your many years of topical applications. Follow this with The Interior which will further clean and condition your seats.

For upholstery, you can use The Exfoliator again. …just add warm water. It will not damage automotive fabrics and still give a deep clean. Last, but by no means least, use a disinfectant spray, The Neutraliser to sanitise the inside of your truck and all its surfaces.


Professional Grade with all products being concentrated

“Less is More”

Your truck is much more than a machine and is often your home away from home for long periods. It deserves the best cleaning products that are professional grade and original formula. Contact us for a wide range that is cost-effective, long-lasting and guaranteed to bring out the best in your vehicle.