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The Interior + The Buff Bundle 1

These two are just right for each other. Bring together ‘The Interior’ 500ml PET bottle and two of our ‘The Buff’ sponges and you’ve got the perfect match of advanced ingredients and premium quality microfibres. It’s protection and rejuvenation of your truck’s interior all in one handy package.


$38.25 inc GST


The Interior + The Buff Bundle 1 Includes:

The Interior

Nothing rejuvenates like ‘The Interior’. Keep the inside of your truck looking as good as its first day on the road with our advanced formula designed to protect surfaces against UV light, bacteria, dust, and abrasion.  Easy to apply with its top of the range Canyon Trigger, ‘The Interior’ works on a multitude of surfaces including rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastic.


$22.95 inc GST

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The Buff × 2

Bring new life to your cab’s leather and vinyl with ‘The Buff’, our premium quality microfibre weave sponge. Made to fit in your hand, this low absorbency soft sponge works overtime on your truck’s interior, delivering a high performance clean and satisfactory finish every time.

$7.65 inc GST each

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920 in stock

$38.25 inc GST

Everything else you need to know about the The Interior + The Buff Bundle 1

Truckin The Interior 500ml PET Bottle PLUS 2 x “The Buff” – 20mm x 90mm 150mm sponges.

“The Interior” has been developed using the advanced ingredients for the protection of surfaces against UV, bacteria, dust and abrasion.

  • Enhances colour and rejuvenates the appearance
  • Protects and shines
  • Use on rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic
  • Protects against discolouration and cracking.
  • Economical
  • Easily applied with our top of the range Canyon Trigger.

“The Buff” premium quality microfibre weave sponge (especially made for Truckin In Style) effectively rejuvenates leather and vinyl.

  • Soft and low absorbency sponge that goes a long way over you interior.
  • It is manufactured with focus on performance and results.
  • Purposely made to fit in your hand, gives you the cleaning control of all areas in your Truck.

Perfect partners.


Additional information

The Interior + The Buff Bundle 1

The Interior 500ml PET Bottle – Black Ice Fragrance PLUS 2 x "The Buff" – 20mm x 90mm 150mm sponges.

The Interior

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 20 cm


Package Size


Spray Head

Canyon Trigger Included


Black Ice


In DEPTH gloss with PROTECTION to your vinyl and LEATHER.

The Buff

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8.5 × 2 cm

Firmly massage in a circular motion

Package Size

20mm x 90mm x 150mm


With THE INTERIOR it effectively rejuvenates leather and vinyl

  • Shake Bottle
  • Set the Canyon Trigger onto Spray
  • Simply spray The Interior over the are of concern.
  • Massage The Buff in a circular motion.
  • For best results frequently turn The Buff as residue may build up.
  • Wash or switch to a new The Buff to ensure a perfect finish as necessary.



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All microfibres have the ability to undergo many washes, providing the cloth has not been mistreated.

  • Wash with your other microfibres – keep them seperate from your household laundry
  • Warm Water wash, by hand or in a machine
  • Mild detergents ONLY or a microfibre Wash.
  • NO Softeners NO Bleach
  • Dry by hanging up in a well-ventilated area (perhaps in your sleeping of your truck) or tumble dry on cool heat setting.
  • Store in a dry, dust free environment – a Truckin In Style drawstring water resistant GOLD bag

Canyon Trigger

While these spray heads are high quality and more than suitable for the use with Truckin In Style speciality products, it is strongly advisable to empty the trigger after each use to prolong their life.

  • Simply remove the spray head and spray the residual trigger contents back into the bottle.
  • If you like, pop the trigger into some clean water and spray into the air to fully clean the trigger
  • It is now ready to use!